Bloemendagen Anna Paulowna – Breezand 2023

De Kop van[br]Noord Holland[br]in Bloei!

From 22 April to 26 April 2023,  Anna Paulowna is dedicated to the colours and scents of the 66th edition of the Flower Days. Throughout the event, you can admire over 100 mosaics, moving pieces and decorated streets and bridges.

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The mosaics are paintings made on polystyrene, made by sticking pins topped with flower buds into the surface. Every square yard is covered by over 10.000 buds, which gives you a taste of the amount of work that goes into making every single mosaic. Young and old come together during the Flower Days to create the mosaics and display them in their gardens.

For both young and old

You are most welcome to visit this event. The event is for free, but of course, we appreciate all voluntary donations. You can donate via our account number or put an amount into our piggy banks that are on top of the info stands.

Would you like to be a sponsor of the Flowerdays? We would enjoy that! During the Flowerdays there is plenty to see, do and experience for both young and old.

In addition to admiring the beautiful mosaics, decorated bridges and bulb fields, you can also visit markets, participate in workshops and participate in walking or cycling tours

Other activities

In addition to the mosaics, you can also admire moving workpieces and decorated streets and bridges. At night many are illuminated. You will make your trip complete with a visit to the many exhibitions, flea markets and other activities. Look at:

Overige activiteiten