Group arrangements in country Hollands Kroon


Besides the Flower Days there are many other things to see and do in tip of North-Holland. If you’re interested, you can find recommendations in the brochure “going out in Hollands Kroon, the tip of Holland.” In this brochure 35 businesses and museums in Hollands Kroon tell you about their businesses. You’ll find a varied mix of museums, attractions, excursions, boat tours, workshops restaurants, hotels and original ways to get around.

With the help of this brochure both local and international visitors can tailor their stay in our multifaceted county completely to their wishes.


The brochure can be downloaded through the following link:


Digital brochure 'Op stap in Hollands Kroon, de TOP of Holland'.

The separate themes are:

See & Do

Eat & Drink

Stay the night

See and do

Jan Cees Lont farm, Terdiek 23, Nieuwe Niedorp

Landgoed Hoenderdaell estate and animal park, Van Ewijkskade 1, Anna Paulowna

Social care farm Dijkgatshoeve, Noorderdijkweg 24b, Wieringerwerf

Social care farm cormeijhoeve, Hippolytushoeverweg 17, Slootdorp

Polder tour, wagon ride through the polder and former island Wieringen, Westerterpweg 28, Slootdorp.

Tulip excursion, Wierweg 7, Slootdorp

Former Island Wieringen museum Jan Lont, Stroeërweg 39, Hippolytushoef

Dutch perfume bottle museum, Bosstraat 2, Winkel

De Groot Recreatie, shrimp fishing and intertidal walks on the Wadden Sea, Gemeenelandsweg 50, Hippolytushoef

The Lentetuin flower garden, Breezand, Cerestplein 1, Breezand

The Waddentuun and Zonnenhoek, Wieringen

Party boat the Koperen Hoorn, Dorpsstraat 89, Winkel

Heritage museum the Turfschuur and Opzeeland, Westfriesedijk 66b, Kolhorn

Bezoek Agriport, modern greenhouses, Wagenpad 7, Middenmeer

Viking information centrum, Havenweg 1, Den Oever

Basic Lodge, creative workshops in the country, Slootdorp

Biesheuvel garlic, Westerterpweg 35, Slootdorp

Flower parade, Winkel

www.bloemencorso, Winkel

Floralia, Nieuwe Niedorp

Koolen mushrooms, Wierweg 3, Slootdorp

Elephant and Motorcycle museum, Schulpweg 47, Nieuwe Niedorp

District museum Anna Paulowna, Zandvaart 5, Breezand

Food & drink

Lunchroom the Monument, Afsluitdijk 1, Den Oever

The Irish Cottage pub and Restaurant, Verlaat 4, Oude Niedorp

Lunchroom The Tafel van Agriport, Agriport 57, Middenmeer

Restaurant Ongder de Kukel, Kerkplein 19, Hippolytushoef

The Wapen van Wieringerwaard, Noord Zijperweg 36, Wieringerwaard

Restaurant the Rijd, Vijverweg 3, Nieuwe Niedorp

Veer Coffee, tea and more, Van Ewijckskade 1, Anna Paulowna

Party Centre the Vriendschap ‘t Veld, Rijdersttraat 93, ‘t Veld

Restaurant ‘t Anker, de Strook 8, Kolhorn,

Restaurant the Zingende Wielen, Akkerweg 39, Den Oever

Stay the night

Van der Valk Hotel Wieringermeer, Terpstraat 49, Wieringerwerf

Getting from point A to point B

Peer&Co passenger transport, Koningsweg 93, Hippolytushoef