Touring bus guides

One of the many ways to experience the Flower Days is by bus and we encourage bus companies to visit us. For €15 we offer to set you up with one of our local guides to accompany you on a tour and show you the mosaics. Got a busy itinerary? Our tour guides are more than happy to help you create a custom route suited to your available amount of time. Please keep in mind that a trip will take a minimum of 1.5 to 2 hours.

A full day out

To complete your day out, combine your tour of the mosaics with a visit to the Poldertuin (our local version of the Keukenhof), a visit to the Old Anna Paulowna museum, or a visit to a flower bulb farm. Each of these visits will take about half an hour out of your day.

Book a guide

You can book a guide by sending in the completed application form to You can also contact us at this email address for all your queries regarding bookings. In order to ensured of a guide, we must have received your booking a week before the start of the Flower Days at the latest. Any bookings made after this day are depending on availability, so make your booking on time!


Room for a bite?

Our local restaurants and cafes are happy to serve you during your sightseeing breaks. Step inside for a wide variety of coffees, teas, pastries soups and snacks.

Find all local restaurants and cafes here. To avoid disappointment, we encourage large parties to make reservations.


Visiting by touring bus? Let us know!

Even if you don’t wish to book a guide or participate in any events, we’d appreciate it if you notify us of your visit. To keep track of the amount of touring buses that visit the Flower Days, we’d like to ask you to contact us through Something as simple as “we’re coming to visit” in the subject line will do!